SDCC Announcements

SDCC went very well!

The Top Cow panel on Saturday morning was great. I was expecting to be towards the end of the panel, after they covered all the big properties like Witchblade, Cyber Force, Aphrodite IX, and Think Tank, but was really pretty surprised and quite humbled to find out they had me go third. 

I’m truly honored that Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins are so behind the project and excited for it. I was just hoping to get a shot at putting a book out, so when Marc told me how happy HE was to be working with me, I about fell over. An Image founder, excited to work with *me*? Crazy!

The book was announced as an ongoing – not a mini, or a test run, or a pilot, but an actual ongoing, monthly series, the only other Minotaur ongoing besides Think Tank. That’s a big f-ing deal. I’ve looked, and they just don’t DO things like that. And yet, there I am!

In other news, I might be getting some work-for-hire writing work for one of the Big Two, but it’s far too early to tell. I’m also developing a Science Fiction series for Dave Dwonch at Action Lab as writer/creator, but won’t be drawing it. I’m not a sci-fi artist, and I want it to be good.

I got to meet Jamal Igle in person, finally, and met Ken Meyer Jr (a huge favorite of mine), Erik Larsen (a VERY nice guy!), and Robert Kirkman (!), as well. I caught up with Tony Puryear and his lovely wife, who are great people, and other Top Cow guys, like Rahsan Ekedal and Stjepen Sejic. The Top Cow staff, Betsy, Elena, Nino, Scott, and the rest, were all amazing, and Bryan about saved my life on Saturday night. Or at least my chair.

Lots of fun, lots of connections made, and the book is now official. November! Buy it!